Level 49: Oleksa Lozowchuk (Dead Rising 4)

The Dead Rising series has turned into Oleksa Lozowchuk‘s musical playground, full of original songs, orchestral tracks, guest performers and experimental goodness.

Accordingly, there is a lot of music in this episode, which covers the several hours of soundtrack and score to Dead Rising 4. It’s always a pleasure to talk with Oleksa!

Some terms he mentions, in case they’re new to you:

Prepared piano: A piano with a bunch of stuff shoved in it

Tone row: A specific set of notes in a row; you usually hear this a lot with atonal “12-tone row” stuff. So a 12-tone row uses all 12 notes of the Western chromatic scale, but there are also rows with fewer notes.

Extended techniques: When musicians play their instruments (or sing) in untraditional ways, often to create weird, scary, silly, etc sounds.

Be sure to check out Oleksa’s other music, including Bright Sadness which he and I spoke about a couple years ago here.

And coming up this month, we’ve finally got Disasterpeace back on the schedule for a Discord chat. Details forthcoming!

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