Level 48: Austin Wintory at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2016

Audio starts rough but gets better!!Last weekend, Sam and I went to Gamer’s Rhapsody  here in the Twin Cities. It’s GR’s third year, and we love hanging out with our fellow game audio friends and making new ones.

We hosted three panels, one of which included a live Skype call with Austin Wintory . The first few minutes of his audio are a bit rough, until Sam told me to mute my microphone while Austin talked.  That helped a ton and the audio gets better after that.

Austin talked about his work on Abzu , Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate , Journey  and more. It’s always a pleasure to speak with him about his lovely music!

If you’re local enough, put Gamer’s Rhapsody  on your calendar for next year. It’s a fun time!

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