Level 40: Chad Seiter (ReCore); POTW Nick Grugin

Composer Chad Seiter just wrapped up a giant score for the game ReCore, which came out September 13th for Xbox and PC. It’s an orchestral score, minus some of the usual team players, blended with soloist Laura Intravia, a full choir, guitar, and loads of drums. I particularly enjoyed the range of the music, from the small and tender to the huge, epic sound you’d expect from a big game like this.

Our Patron of the Week is Nick Grugin. And speaking of range, his five favorite video game tracks are old, new, electronic and orchestral. Here’s his list; we talked about the first two:

Brinstar Underground Depths” from Super Metroid by Kenji Yamamoto

Blood Dragon Theme” from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon by Power Glove

Airship Theme” from Penny Arcade, Ep 4 by Hyperduck Soundworks

Ransacked” from Wolfenstein: The New Order by Mick Gordon

Area 5” from Rez by Adam Freeland

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