Level 23: Damian Kastbauer (PopCap), POTW Z Schroeder

Damian Kastbauer is a technical sound designer at PopCap Games in Seattle. I first met him here, though, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul. As we kept bumping into each other at various conventions and events, I realized that not only does everyone seem to know Damian, but they like him too. And yeah, he’s a good one to know in game audio, and works hard to spread good vibes through an already great-vibe-y community.

Damian talks about his work at PopCap on Plants vs. Zombies 2. And one of my favorite composers wrote the soundtrack: Peter McConnell. So, while Damian explains what it is he does on a daily basis, you’ll be treated to the PvZ2 soundtrack by Peter.


Our Patron of the Week, Zachary Schroeder, was on recently as an OverAchiever to discuss his platinum trophy in Wolfenstein: The New Order. This week, Zachary chats about his favorite video game music. Here’s the list; we spoke about the first two:

1. “Fed To Worms” (Instrumental) from Heavy Bullets by Doseone

2. “Not Safe” from OFF by Alias Conrad

3. “Sanctuary” from Borderlands 2 by Jesper Kyd

4. “Skyrim Atmostpheres” from Skyrim by Jeremy Soule

5. “The Glow” from Fallout by Mark Morgan

6. “Science & Secrecy” from Fallout 4 by Inon Zur

7. “Ransacked” from Wolfenstein: The New Order by Mick Gordon

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