Level 06: Pedro Camacho Star Citizen

In late December, a Twitter follower of ours tweeted us.

“Can’t wait for Star Citizen to be released so you can talk to @PedroCamacho!”

He attached this video along with his tweet.I immediately found Pedro Camacho, the composer mentioned above, on Twitter and followed him; Pedro followed back. I sent him a message, requested an interview, and the results are here for you today.
Pedro is from Portugal, where he studied classical and jazz composition. You’ll hear quite a variety of music during his segment, from Renaissance masters like Josquin des Prez, Johannes Ockeghem and Giovanni Palestrina to Miles Davis, Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock.

And you’ll hear a variety from Pedro’s own compositions as well. In 2012, he premiered his Requiem for Ines de Castro. If you’re unsure of who she is, as I was, you’ll be as taken by her story as you are Pedro’s music about her.
Of course, we talked about Pedro’s music for this year’s upcoming massive multiplayer FPS space sim procedural extravaganza, Star Citizen.

Also on today’s episode, Robert Frost III scored Albert & Otto, an acclaimed indie game that recently came out. I met Robert here in Minneapolis/St. Paul at our local International Game Developer’s Association Twin Cities chapter meeting last year. He shared some of his music with me from Albert & Otto just before Thanksgiving break, so I listened to it on my drive to my family’s place. You can hear our chat here!
Stay warm, everyone –

Emily & Sam

P.S. Like our friend from Twitter above, you can give us suggestions for guests on Level by following us @LevelwithEmily.

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