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Happy post-GDC week! Sam and I were in San Francisco enjoying the conference, and at the end of today’s episode, you’ll hear a roundup of many of the fine game audio creators we had the chance to meet.

Some big news came out not long ago about a new show called CAPCOM LIVE! Shota Nakama, who created the Video Game Orchestra at Berklee College of Music, and Tommy Tallarico, who co-created Video Games Live, are teaming up to bring us a live, rock/orchestral show full of the greatest hits from Capcom’s greatest titles.

I spoke with both of them about what they’re up to individually with VGO and VGL, and Shota explains how the Capcom project came to be.

Our Patron of the Week this week is Ansley Grams. Her five choices were:

1) “Dance with the Night Wind” by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 3

2) “Bombing Mission” by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy VII

3) “Wicked Child” by Kinuyo Yamashita for Castlevania (remix by Scott Peeples)

4) “Backbiting” by Yutaka Minobe for Rule of Rose

5) “Scarecrow Fields” by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold for MediEvil

Have a great week!

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