Level 94: Garry Schyman (Torn)

Composer Garry Schyman is a teacher to the core, and it’s one of our favorite things about talking with him. Every time we speak with Garry, he enlightens us with some B-side composer knowledge that we didn’t even know we didn’t know.For instance, the difference between a recording studio and a scoring stage? Garry will talk about that, because he got to record this music on his favorite scoring stage in LA, with LA musicians.

That’s unusual, by the way, to come across a game with music recorded in LA. He’ll talk briefly about that too.

And, of course, the music for this new VR game, Torn, is wonderful.

(titles of tracks are subject to change)
Leaf Cue Expanded
Title Sequence
Master Bedroom
Approach the Mansion
Leaf Storm
Renas Theme
The Observatory
Talbot Theme
Master Bedroom
Explore the Lab
Talbot Theme
Remove the Probes

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