Level 60: Bonnie Bogovich, American Youth Symphony


This week, you’ll hear about our trip to LA for an event with the American Youth Symphony at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. The event was called Game Changer, and featured classical music and video game music on the same show. Prior to the concert, I was invited to do a pre-concert chat with composers TK Furukawa, Jason Graves and Austin Wintory.

Our guest this week is Bonnie Bogovich, former Audio Lead for Schell Games. Bonnie is involved in many facets of game audio, including composition, performing, and more. A song she sings and co-composed for the game I Expect You To Die  is up for a Game Audio Network Guild award at GDC this year.

She’s also giving a handful of talks while at GDC, find out about those here.

Bonnie and Schell Games made an audio-only game for the Amazon Echo called Baker Street Experience . How cool is that?? Learn more about that here.

Bonnie’s other amazing projects include her Zombie Opera, the Super Smash Opera , and the Bwak Choir. Good stuff!

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