Level 224: Peter Chapman (Workin’ Moms, Guacamelee)

Composer Peter Chapman talks about his music for the Netflix comedy Workin’ Moms, which just aired its 7th and final season in April. Peter worked with composer/singer Maylee Todd to create music for the series. The music has this energetically fresh, crisp and clean vibe, although there are many examples of grit and grime as well.

We chat about that, we talk about his work on Guacamelee and Guacamelee 2. He did the music for Wynonna Earp, and under his pseudonym Coins, created a viral album of Beastie Boys remixes using only Daft Punk samples called Daft Science.

I loved the chat and I love his music.

PLAYLIST by Peter Chapman for Workin’ Moms unless noted otherwise

00:00 Workin’ Moms Megamix 01:30 WM711m22 Credits V2 03:42 Baby Got Snack (with Maylee Todd) 08:43 Check Me Out 09:05 Porn Store 09:31 Humming 10:37 This One’s For The Brave 25:56 Russian Subway Dogs Theme from Russian Subway Dogs (Peter Chapman aka Coins) 28:07 WM711m22 Credits V2 37:56 Hands In The Air 41:14 The Lab from Mutant Blobs Attack 44:35 Guacamelee Menu Music 46:30 “La Tragedia De Salvador” from Guacamelee 2 by Mariachi Entertainment System 58:11 Pass the Mic (Daft Science Remix) by Coins 59:27 No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Daft Science Remix) by Coins 1:06:45 Workin Moms Megamix 1:07:24 Other Sprouts by Sam Keenan
Source: LWER

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