Level 203: Nuno Fonseca (Sound Particles)

Nuno Fonseca grew up with an equal love for music, audio and technology. He’s a former university professor in Portugal, and he’s published more than 20 papers on computer audio and 2 books on sound and computer design.

His interests led him to create Sound Particles, which is immersive software capable of generating thousands or millions of sounds for 3D audio. It’s a tremendously efficient way for a composer or sound designer to multiply the sounds they’re working with, and to generate other effects for audio.

Nuno generously provided our producer, Sam Keenan, with the Sound Particles software so he could learn about these software tools with regards to Sam’s own music. Thank you so much, Nuno!

There are some great FREE TOOLS on the Sound Particles website, including a highly accessible eBook called All You Need to Know About 3D Audio, and their YouTube also has a great series of videos if you don’t feel like reading!

And most importantly, if you’re a student or an educator, you can get all of Sound Particles software for free.
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