Level 199: scntfc/C Andrew Rohrmann (Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, JETT: The Far Shore)

Composer scntfc (C. Andrew Rohrmann) talks about two of his scores for games: Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is from 2022 – an ecological adventure game about Gibbons. As a player, you swing, slide and somersault through the trees while learning about these special creatures. Andy’s music is heavy on struck percussion, rhythmic and full of energy to match the near-constant motion of the game.

JETT: The Far Shore (2021) sounds entirely different to support the game’s sci-fi story in space. The first track sums it all up, designed as an overture to the music in JETT.

They’re both so good and I was grateful to Andy for spending so much time with me to talk about these wonderful scores.
Source: lwer

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