Level 169: Andrew Hulshult (Dusk and Dusk ’82)

Andrew Hulshult‘s music for the Quake-like retro first person shooter called Dusk is fabulous. Dusk, from New Blood Interactive, originally came out in 2018. Andrew’s music for the original Dusk is symphonic metal – a lot of electric guitars and epic orchestral music. And that’s all wonderful and amazing and you’ll hear a bunch of it.

EVEN MORE AMAZING, in 2021, New Blood released a tiny prequel even MORE retro than the original Dusk called Dusk ‘82, with pixel art and a conversion of the music from epic orchestral metal to 8-bit metal, and it’s WONDERFUL music.

We loved talking with Andrew about his music for Dusk and Dusk ‘82, and you can catch a video of our chat on YouTube – please subscribe!
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