Level 121: Mikolai Stroinski (Bee Simulator)

This is easily one of my favorite stories for how a composer ended up writing music for a game. I’ll let Mikolai Stroinski (The Witcher 3, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter) tell his own story, but it’s safe to say the music for Bee Simulator is fabulous.

by Mikolai Stroinski for Bee Simulator

Let Us Begin
Right Above the Honey Park
Chasing a Drone
When Winter Pays a Visit
Let’s Get Some Pollen
Something’s Happening
The Return of the Hornet
Stings About to Happen
Taking Off
Who’s First
The Exodus
Right Above the Honey Park
Bee Bee Dance
An Unwelcomed Guest
Right Above the Honey Park
The Exodus
The New Hive
Out Of Comfort Zone

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