Level 115: Austin Wintory (Erica)

Composer Austin Wintory says Erica is the most complex score he’s composed, largely due to how quickly the music needs to react to the story choices of the player. He describes it as a chain link fence of about 350 different cues (kind of like short sections of music) that combine and connect to create full tracks in the game. And he kinda reimagined the whole score and did a lot of rewriting at the last minute.

Complicating matters, he virtually redesigned the score at the last minute and rewrote large chunks.

by Austin Wintory from Erica

Know Thyself
Into the Fire
It’s always been you
Know Thyself
It’s always been you
They’re going to lie to you (x2)
Another world, beneath
In death, be without sorrow
Aria for Delphi
In death, be without sorrow
Can’t be in here
The key to everything
What’s real

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