Level 110: Bear McCreary (Child’s Play (2019))

Our latest interview focuses mostly on film music, which is unusual on Level! But sometimes an opportunity presents itself that’s worthy of embracing.

Since the reboot of Battlestar Galactica in 2004, I’ve admired Bear McCreary‘s music. That admiration led to an interview about his music for the game Dark Void back when Sam and I made Top Score. We love, love, LOVE his music for The Walking Dead, and his score for last year’s God of War was top notch.

Bear’s most recent adventure wasn’t a game, but a reboot of a classic horror film from 1988, Child’s Play. I am old enough to remember the original film coming out, and vividly remember it scaring me so. hard.

Bear’s music is great for the film. Incredibly creative, which is one of my favorite Bear qualities. I won’t spoil the details; enjoy!

by Bear McCreary unless noted

Theme from Child’s Play
Child’s Play Theme (1988) – Joe Renzetti
Theme from Child’s Play
Birth of Chucky
Tickle Time
A Surprise for Andy
The New Doll
Karen and Andy
A New Friend
The Buddi Song
The Buddi Song
Convergence at Zed Mart
In the Basement
God of War (2018)
Kaslan Theme

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