Level 52: Mikolai Stroinski (Gwent); POTW Sabol

Sheesh I cannot wait for Gwent to come out next year! I love that game. If you’ve not played it, or even heard of it, Gwent is a card mini-game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And it RULES.Because it rules so much, CD Projekt Red decided to give it its own release,  with a single-player campaign in addition to the expected multiplayer.

Even better? Mikolai Stroinski and Marcin Przybylowicz are back as the composers, and Mikolai alone has composed about an hour of music.

Sadly, since the game isn’t out yet, we only get to hear 3 of the tracks Mikolai’s written so far. Additional music comes from the Blood and Wine DLC as well as the OST.

Our Patron of the Week is Peter Sabol, who sent me the most highly organized set of folders containing his favorite video game tracks labeled “Sega”, “Orchestral” and “Pumpin”. He knew we could only chat about 2 tracks, and I chose them out of the Pumpin folder; we spoke about the first two.

1. “9-Bit Expedition” from Dustforce by Lifeformed
2. “Downtown District” from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst by Solar Fields
3. “Shoot or Die” from Turrican by Chris Huelsbeck
4. “The Instinct” from Killer Instinct by Mick Gordon
5. “H2 Exploration” from Hitman 2 by Jesper Kyd

His orchestral folder contained:
1. “Anguish of Dearth” from Ecco the Dolphin by Spencer Nilsen
2. “Carry Me Back to Her Arms” from Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture by Jessica Curry
3. “Oven Fresh Day” from Viva Piñata by Grant Kirkhope
4. “Unyielding” from Halo 2 by Martin O’Donnell
5. “Wings of Kynareth” from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by Jeremy Soule

His Sega folder contained:
1. “Forest” from Castle of Illusion by Tokuhiko Uwabo
2. “Go Straight” from Streets of Rage 2 by Yuzo Koshiro
3. “Main Title” from Panzer Dragoon by Yoshitaka Azuma
4. “Rock It On” from Jet Set Radio by Hideki Naganuma
5. “Main Theme” from Space Harrier by Hiroshi Kawaguchi

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