Level 66: American Youth Symphony Game Changer Q & A

Here is the audio from the pre-concert chat we did in LA in February for the American Youth Symphony ‘s Game Changer concert. We’re thankful the AYS shared the audio with us, and invited us there in the first place. What fun!!!

The AYS invited Takeshi “TK” Furukawa , Jason Graves  and Austin Wintory  to write suites of their music from The Last Guardian (Furukawa), The Order: 1886 (Graves) and Journey (Wintory), for the musicians to play.

Prior to the concert, I did a panel on-stage with Jason, Austin, TK and Chuck Doud, who’s the Director of Music for Sony USA.

As an aside, Sony was one of the sponsors for the Game Changer concert (those three games are Sony games with fabulous scores). And the AYS offers the majority of their concerts free to the public, as was Game Changer. Royce Hall on the UCLA campus was packed, and it was ridiculously fun.

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