Level 64: Cris Velasco (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Freakish)

Composer Cris Velasco  is a huge fan of horror, whether he’s curating exhibits of Clive Barker’s art , or writing scores to games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard .

The score for RE7 is unusual; it was constructed using a compositional technique called musique concrète which involves taking recorded sounds and constructing music from it. One of the most famous examples is Poème électronique , by French composer Edgar Varèse (although the technique was invented by another Frenchman named Pierre Shaeffer).

Cris talks about recording sounds to use in the music and constructing it into the score. We also chat about his music for Hulu’s Freakish .

    All tracks from RE7: Biohazard and composed by Cris Velasco, unless otherwise noted.The Beast
    Isle of Creation – God of War II
    Not Over Yet
    Cinq êtudes de bruits  – Pierre Schaeffer
    The Beast
    Not Over Yet
    Episode 8 cue from Freakish
    So Close Yet So Far

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