Level 62: Takeshi Furukawa (The Last Guardian)

Takeshi Furukawa ‘s music for The Last Guardian  is wonderful. He recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Trinity Boys Choir, and the London Voices, and those ensembles are made up of some of the finest musicians in the world.

Takeshi, who goes by TK, wrote a lot of solo woodwind parts for the music in the game, and I loved that quality about it. His writing is simple and delicate, and the soloists are superb.

We talked about working with those ensembles, we spoke about his influences and also about past projects like Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Here’s a playlist of the episode. Everything is from The Last Guardian unless otherwise noted:

Overture – Lore
Overture – Lore
The Tower
The Nest
Hanging Gardens
End Titles- The Last Guardian Suite
Arvo Pärt – Fratres
Condor Clash

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