Level with Emily Reese is a podcast about music and sound in modern video games. A handful of our incredible guests include composers like Jason Graves (Moss: Bk II, The Dark Pictures Anthology, Lone Echo), Austin Wintory (Aliens: Fireteam Elite, ABZU, Journey), Andrew Prahlow (Outer Wilds) and Maclaine Diemer (Guild Wars II, Salt and Sacrifice). We also love having performers (Kristin Naigus, insaneintherainmusic, Lacey Johnson), sound designers (Jeff and Angela van Dyck from Unpacking) and others who make audio in games stop by Level. The show has an active Discord community and a YouTube page full of chats with great people adding their talents to the video game industry. Hosted by Emily Reese and produced by Sam Keenan.

Level with Emily Reese is a production of Joon Media, Inc.

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